Foreign Client



Russo PLLC is an international law firm that has wide-ranging experience working with international and foreign clients, including corporations, high net worth individuals and governmental entities. We recognize the importance of providing a clear and comprehensive roadmap for our foreign clients regarding the conduct of U.S. legal matters. Our international lawyers help foreign clients navigate the complexities of the United States legal system and provide advice regarding the application of state and federal laws and regulations in international transactions. We regularly represent foreign clients in a variety of litigation and transactional matters throughout the United States and have coordinated litigation for our international clients in multiple jurisdictions, both within and outside the United States. On those cases, we work closely with our clients and their foreign counsel, in-house attorneys, and professional advisors to achieve successful results.

Outside Corporate Counsel

The United States legal and regulatory framework presents significant challenges and opportunities for effectuating corporate transactions and starting up business operations. Our longstanding experience and collaborative approach enables us to advise foreign clients on a wide range of issues, including litigation and business disputes, corporate formation and investment structuring, corporate governance, employee relations, data protection and cybersecurity issues, and regulatory and tax compliance. Kruzhkov Russo recognizes the importance of understanding our clients’ business operations to tailor our advice to their specific needs. Our attorneys work proactively with foreign clients to identify and address legal issues and regulatory requirements as their operations in the United States expand and mature. By acting as outside general counsel, we provide our clients with access to an extensive network of high-level professionals in a variety of fields to ensure that their business requirements are properly and fully addressed.

Overseas Investment in the U.S.

The United States presents a variety of complex and challenging laws and regulations which require foreign investors to evaluate numerous issues beyond those typically facing domestic investors. Our extensive track record with foreign investment enables us to effectively structure investment transactions. Our attorneys regularly prepare transactional documents, review regulatory requirements, conduct due diligence, identify suitable partners, and engage outside professionals as part of a complimentary team approach. In providing advice regarding the investment process, we give careful consideration to each client’s particular investment strategy and objectives.

Russo PLLC brings extensive experience, a tenacious approach, and strategic thinking to advance your goals.