Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Russo PLLC is committed to energy conservation and environmental sustainability, such as water efficiency, green cleaning, waste management and eco-friendly purchasing. The firm is also a proud participant in the Energy Star Program with the Empire State Building.

Digital communication

The firm promotes digitalizing files and utilizes conference platforms and emails to reduce printing. Russo PLLC also curtails printing physical copies except for sensitive documents that are required to be in printed form.

Recycle and E-filing

Older documents have been scanned to the firm’s servers and the copies have been shredded by professional services to encourage recycling. Russo PLLC makes the best effort to e-file all cases that include that option to prevent unnecessary printing.

Energy Star Program with Empire State Building

Russo PLLC partners with the Empire State Building’s groundbreaking energy and sustainability program which is ahead of the most stringent codes. The firm also participates in the Energy Star Program in compliance with Empire State Building’s Tenant High Performance Design and Construction Guidelines.

Russo PLLC brings extensive experience, a tenacious approach, and strategic thinking to advance your goals.