In re: TransPerfect Global, Inc., C.A. No. 9700-CB

Russo PLLC successfully led a handpicked legal team defending TransPerfect Global Inc. and its owner Philip Shawe to victory in a legal challenge brought by former founder and co-CEO Elizbeth Elting in the Delaware Chancery Court  to recover attorneys’ fees under a claim of indemnification.  TransPerfect and Mr. Shawe defended the motion on the grounds that it was both filed improperly in violation of due process protections, and Ms. Elting had forfeited her right to indemnification based upon her refusal to allow them to conduct and direct a defense as indemnitors.  In dismissing the application, the Chancery court recognized that the theories presented by TransPerfect and Mr. Shawe appeared meritorious and that they likely would disqualify part of the fees sought by Ms. Elting as well as entitle Mr. Shawe to an offset for a retainer previously paid.  Ms. Elting did not appeal the ruling. For additional information, click here.

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