Cypress Partners LLC, v. Philip R. Shawe et al, Index No. 654101/2018 – JAMS Arbitration

Russo PLLC won a full dismissal on the merits for Philip Shawe after an evidentiary hearing in a court-compelled arbitration against Cypress Partners, LLC.  The panel of three arbitrators rejected Cypress’ breach of contract claim for an investment banking success fee on the ground that the retention agreement presented by the bankers did not concern the “transaction” in which Mr. Shawe purchased Elizabeth Elting’s shares of TransPerfect Global, Inc.  The panel rejected Cypress’ claim for attorneys’ fees pursuant to the retainer’s indemnification addendum finding that the cited provision was intended to cover disputes between third parties, not the parties to the contract.  To see the decision, click here.  The arbitration award was confirmed by the Supreme Court of New York, New York County.

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