During these challenging times Russo PLLC is dedicated to preserving the health and well-being of our employees and clients. With this in mind, we have been proactive in implementing measures to support this objective. Two weeks before the stay at home order, we commenced additional daily cleaning of “high touch” locations in our office, began observing social distancing procedures, supplied our employees with personal hygiene items as well as offering the option to work remotely. We prepared to meet the challenge of home quarantine by employing seamless remote access and capability. Our stay at home order was implemented one week before it became mandatory. Team and client meetings are being conducted by phone or video conferencing. You may continue to use our phone numbers as they are all working. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our firm did not furlough, layoff or reduce pay for any employee. Russo PLLC partners are absorbing the economic consequences of these circumstances. We will not take any small business loans. We wish to leave the funds for American businesses and employees who are truly in need. Looking forward to the time when all can return to the office, we are already taking measures to configure a safe, socially distanced office environment. We are in regular contact with our landlord as they have proven to be a valuable resource in disseminating information and advice on how to best handle the situation. The firm is executing this plan while adhering to federal, state, local and court guidelines. Russo PLLC will continue to provide the level of service to which our clients are accustomed.

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