Order/Judgment 655969/2019 (Dmitry Lipskerov v. Milena Adamian)

Russo PLLC successfully defeated a motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint brought by Dimitry Lipskerov against Milena Adamian to recover money based upon an alleged loan agreement.  Ms. Adamian argued that the Summary process was inappropriate given the need for extrinsic evidence and that there was no amount due to Mr. Lipskerov because he had not given consideration for the promise which had been secured through harassment.   The note presented to the court was insufficient on its face to support a judgment and Mr. Lipskerov improperly resorted to extrinsic evidence to prove the debt.  Ironically, the extrinsic evidence submitted in and of itself proved that the Mr. Lipskerov had not loaned Ms. Adamian any money; rather, he had convinced a separate business venture to co-invest $515,000.00 with Ms. Adamian into another distinct start-up venture. After oral argument, the Honorable Nancy Bannon denied the motion and dismissed the action holding that the claim was not appropriate for the summary procedure.  To see the decision click here.

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